Interior Repair

A.I.R.S.! (Automotive Interior Repair Service)

Get rid of those eye sores and let Nate's make it look like new. Choose Nate's for professional repair and recoloring of:

• Leather  • Vinyl  • Fabric  • Plastics

A.I.R.S. is a thorough inspection and restoration process that eliminates:

• Cigarette burns • Tears and cuts • Holes and punctures
• Scratches and gouges • Stains and fading • Any necessary re-dye

All Nate's repairs meet OEM standards which mean they will always have the same color, texture and sheen as the surrounding surface. 99% of our repairs are undetectable and all Nate's repairs come with a limited lifetime warranty so don't settle for less.

Part replacement (including dashes) can be costly, time consuming and create unwanted problems when the job is done. Most dash repairs can be completed without removal. Allow Nate's to give you a free inspection and estimate before replacing any parts.

TX: 903-935-2885